Inge Retief

Inge has a special interest in Sports Nutrition (Iron man, Mixed Martial Artists, CrossFit Athletes, Weight Lifters), Paediatric Gastro-Enterology and Neurology. She works in the realm of functional medicine Inge has Experienced in Ketogenic, Modified Atkins, The Zone, Paleo and Intermittent fasting dietary planning as well as supplementation scheduling for athletes.She is also a CrossFit addict, Mom and Wife.

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Staci Katsivalis

Staci helps athletes overcome random aches and pains and chronic injuries in order to perform better. Her philosophy is move better, feel better, live better. As a Lyno Practitioner, Staci does a full mobility and function assessment to assess where the body is locked. Using a superficial hands-on, fascial release technique, the natural movement of the fascia (connective tissue) can be restored. The body can then regain natural movement and is able to perform pain-free and at its peak ability again.Staci has helped runners, cyclists, triathletes and CrossFitter’s with plantar fasciitis, ITB, sciatica, lower back pain and locked shoulders to name a few.

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Laura Newman

Laura has spent about 16 years working in some way within the health and fitness industry’s and transitioned into full time Sports Massage therapy since 2014 . As a physical performance consultant, her interactions with her clients are varied. She use’s a diverse set of hands on therapy, tools and skills that allow her to heal and teach people the value of optimal physical performance, on and off the training platform. Laura’s experience as a therapist has been gained from working as a team therapist In the sporting scene, and includes the privilege of working with an array of sports men and women in the following categories: body builders and physique/ fitness athletes; boxers; crossfit athletes; competitive pole dancers; road and mountain bikers/ cyclists; free-divers; golfers; Jiu-Jitsu athletes; middle distance, marathon and ultra-distance runners; MMA mixed martial arts athletes; motorcross athletes; powerlifters; weight lifters; wrestlers and tri-athletes. She has also received her SA colours as a Powerlifter and competed locally and internationally !

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